Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For the Nth Time

I created this blog to serve as a repository for my MIS-related stuff from UPOU. Back then, my intent was to keep updating this as often as I can. My purpose was a blend of it to be a time-capsule of sort and to be of aid to others who would wish to pursue the post-grad degree themselves.

Being one comfortable with blogging, I thought I could actually live up to that. What I never anticipated was that real life would have its way with the blogger from time to time.

So the hiatus was mainly about:
  • Work. Of course this trumps almost everything in the list and with the way deadlines and expectations pile up, this time of the year, it shouldn't be surprising if I end up silent here again.
  • School. While this is mostly about school, the IS238-IS272 combo the previous sem, actually bore down on most of my free time. So much that the weeks actually felt like I had coffee for blood in my veins. Add to that taking the program's comprehensive exam, (of which I will write about soon), and that pretty much pictures how hectic school was.
  • Family. While the family ranks among the top of my priorities, affairs tend to become more demanding as the family ends up becoming bigger. My brother, for instance, had his wedding last Saturday.
  • Health. Given hectic schedules and busy routines, (not to mention a crazy typhoon experience,) it's always easy to neglect one of rest and a healthy lifestyle. So it wasn't really surprising that around the middle of the month, I had to be treated for something before I get down with full-blown pneumonia or tuberculosis. I'm alright now and I'm on my way to getting rid of the cancer stick from my routine forever.
I hope to be able to write again here soon before I ride off into the sunset though.

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