Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Second Serving

So after the summer's through (or at least it's supposed to be as we're still waiting for the rain from where I am,) I'm back in school. I had enrolled in IS201 and IS214 last April then had gotten the course materials from the learning center last weekend already. While I have yet to get my grade for 2 of the 3 subjects I took up last semester, I have to start with the real thing now.

IS201 is on Computer Ethics while IS214 is on Programming Languages. The two subjects are actually similar to some major subjects I took when I was still an undergrad at UP Diliman. Those would be CS207 (Special Topics) and CS150 (Programming Languages.) While intuitively that should work to my advantage, I'm not letting my guard down. Not when I got to take a look at the course requirements.

Requirements for IS214 are much like IS215: 20% on FMAs and 80% on a make-or-break multiple choice final exams. While I'm giving myself a heads up on the IS215 serving of that examination, I know I could've done better. That's why I'm preparing for the exam a lot earlier this time.

As for the IS201, I think they're a lot like the requirements in ENRM221: participation in online discussions, a submitted paper which in this case is called an Ethics Portfolio and a final exams. While the Ethics Portfolio is not that formal, it has to be written gradually so as to present something substantially noteworthy. Hence a lot of the meat I'll be including there will appear here just as gradually. Since I was dissatisfied with how my ENRM221 concept paper I wrote for a number of weeks came out, I'm putting in more time to come up with something which will end up something satisfactory.

Now if only I can organize everything I have in mind.

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